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7 tips to building a powerful Oil & Gas resume

Consulting in the energy industry is a constant hustle. Hard shifts and long hitches leave little time to book the next job, meaning you spend your off hitch days finding new opportunities. You don't have time to waste on applying for work using a subpar resume. It’s vital that your resume communicates the most important information about your experience and certifications during even the most casual skimming – not to mention, you have to make sure your resume is just as easy for a computer to read as it is a recruiter.

Looking for Oilfield Work? RigUp has you covered.

RigUp exists to empower the people who power the world. One of the ways we do this is through our platform – the largest workforce marketplace in the North American energy industry. And the key to tapping into the power of that marketplace is your profile.
Whether your a long-time oilfield veteran or just wrapping up your first year as a roustabout, optimizing your RigUp profile is the best way to position yourself to operators and vendors needing to source contractors.

RigUp Families: Father-daughter team trim overhead with RigUp

When running an oil & gas consulting business, there's no shortage of things to manage. Between the job itself, the paperwork, and taxes, it's no wonder why oil & gas professionals often enlist family members to help their consulting businesses. We've spoken to wives, daughters, and other family members about how RigUp has changed the way their businesses work for the better.


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